Licensed dataset
Replay video attacks from the phone screens to train biometric systems to recognize a real person from a prepared photos and videos

Anti-spoofing Replay attack

Process of identifying or verify a person identity using facial features
Facial Recognition
The ability to distinguish whether biometric data is being captured from a live or fake source
Liveness Detection
Process of identifying a specific entity across different data
Techniques used to prevent fraudulent attempts to deceive an identifying system
Using machine learning for security purposes
29 160
24 160
The dataset is updated every month
Technical specifications
The dataset consists of 26,591 videos in mp4, heic and others format of replay attacks from 24,000+ unique people from 157 countries. It is based on data from Anti-Spoofing Real Dataset.
Age: the age of the person
Country: the country of origin of the person
User ID
Video ID
Model of the phone on which the video is being played
Model of the phone on which the Replay video was shot
Gender: the gender of the person
All dataset attributes
Antispoofing Real
Gender distribution
Age distribution
Region distribution
Extra Services
Bounding Box labeling and classification
Data Collection of real-time videos and attacks from MacBook, iPad and iPhone webcams
Data Collection of photos with street and home lighting at different times of the day
Development and testing of anti-spoofing systems by Training Data ML experts
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