Selfie photos and selfie videos of people. The dataset solves the tasks of training algorithms to distinguish real users from scammers

Anti-spoofing Real

Techniques used to prevent fraudulent attempts to deceive an identifying system
Process of identifying or verify a person identity using facial features
Facial Recognition
Process of identifying a specific entity across different data
The ability to distinguish whether biometric data is being captured from a live or fake source
Liveness detection
Independent laboratory that certifies liveness detection systems
49 132
48 737
criteria of metadata
Technical Specifications
The dataset includes 4 different formats:
Selfies and videos on the front camera of the smartphone
All photos and videos are taken on a different background with different lighting
Selfies and videos on a computer webcam
Video duration: from 5 to 30 seconds
The phone used to take photos and videos
Video duration
Photo resolution
Data format (jpg, mp4, heic)
Gender distribution
Age distribution
Distribution by region
Phone models
RealMe- 3,57%
Honor- 2,32%
Samsung- 21,99%
iPhone- 18,04%
Itel- 0,94%
Xiaomi- 15,54%
Infinix- 5,12%
LG- 0,94%
Huawei -4,97%
Oppo - 4,73%
Tecno - 4,67%
Nokia -0,63%
Vivo - 4,46%
Motorola - 4,23%
OnePlus - 0,60%
ZTE - 0,35%
Alcatel - 0,23%
Asus- 0,23%
Google- 0,15%
Umidigi- 0,15%
Lenovo- 0,12%
Sony- 0,09%
Ulefone- 0,03%
iPad- 0,04%
Spark- 0,09%
Hisense- 0,07%
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