Bald spots of men and women
Photos of people with varying degrees of alopecia to train a neural network to identify and classify areas of baldness
Use Case
Computer Vision
Ability of a machine to interpret, analyze, and understand visual data
Data Collection
Gathering data for subsequent annotation
Process of recognition and grouping of objects into preset categories
Automation of work and creation of prediagnostic systems in MedTech
1 000
of people
7 weeks
project duration
Case Description
The dataset was created using internal collection channels, crowdsourcing platforms and partner organizations. Each set consists of 1-3 photos of a person with a bald head taken from different angles by another person
The classification of images was carried out according to the Norwood scale. Each image was assigned a type with 7 stages of baldness (type_1, type_2, ..., type_7), gender, age and origin
Data format: jpg, xml file with metadata
Additional services:
Bounding box detection
determination of the head, hair area and baldness in the photo using rectangles
Interactive segmentation
defining and highlighting the area of hair and baldness in a photo with assigning each pixel a class
Semantic segmentation
identification and selection of bald spots in the photo with the assignment of a specific label to each pixel
pixel-by-pixel selection of the head and hair area to remove or change the background, overlay AR/VR effects and masks
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