Data collection of photographs from surveillance cameras around the world. The dataset addresses challenges in security system automation and Smart City technologies


Ability of a machine to interpret, analyze, and understand visual data
Enables computer systems to automatically learn from data and make predictions
Gathering data for subsequent annotation
Using machine learning for security purposes
Computer Vision
Machine Learning
Data Collection
10 000
surveillance cameras
6 weeks
project duration
Description of the datset
This dataset is an example of a custom project completed by our company:
200 cities: cameras from streets of Amsterdam, Madrid, Hamburg, and others
20 photos from each camera with 10-minute intervals
Urban traffic: both cars and pedestrians captured on panoramic cameras
Stages of work

Development of a detailed technical specification for the requirements of the product for data collection and labeling

Data collection in the cities and spaces of interest or labeling the data provided by customer
Selection of markup tools based on the tasks. We work with CVAT, Label Studio, V7, Supervisely, Photoshop
Labeling data depending on the request: Bounding Box, tracking, classification or segmentation for photos
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