Face Segmentation

Semantic face segmentation on demand
Semantic face segmentation on demand
Semantic face segmentation is a crucial aspect of computer vision, where each pixel of an image containing a face is assigned a semantic label, such as "skin," "eye," or "nose".

We provide extensive annotated datasets of images with corresponding per-pixel label maps. These maps have been meticulously created by human annotators, ensuring high-quality, consistent, and complete annotations.

Our semantic-face datasets are characterized by four key features:

  1. Diversity: Our datasets include a wide range of faces, encompassing various ethnicities, ages, genders, lighting conditions, and poses.
  2. Quality annotations: We prioritize accuracy and consistency in our annotations, to guarantee the best performance of the models.
  3. Large size: Our datasets are extensive, leading to more robust models.
  4. Representativeness: Our datasets accurately reflect the distribution of faces that the model will encounter in real-world scenarios, which we achieve through the use of crowd-solving platforms.
We are equipped to efficiently gather and annotate the required dataset for your specific task.

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