The Dataset for successfully obtaining Level 2 iBeta certificate in "Presentation Attack Detection"
Liveness Detection
for iBeta level 2
Liveness Detection
Machine Learning
Computer Vision
Ability of a machine to interpret, analyze, and understand visual data
The ability to distinguish whether biometric data is being captured from a live or fake source
Independent laboratory that certifies liveness detection systems
Enables computer systems to automatically learn from data and make predictions
> 33 000
iBeta Level 2
Attack types:
Printed photos with outlines
Custom silicone mask
2D masks with cutouts
Printed 3D Masks
Latex masks
Dataset for iBeta certification:
Created in accordance with laboratory requirements
Ready for use in training liveness detection systems
Proven to be effective in obtaining iBeta Level 2 certification
Demonstrates impeccable accuracy without any Type 1 and Type 2 errors
Extra services
Bounding Box labeling and classification
Collecting real-video and attacks from devices of interest (attacks from MacBook, iPad and iPhone webcams)
Collecting photos with street and home lighting at different times of the day
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