Image Matting
Image matting on demand
Image matting on demand
We provide solution for accurately extracting the foreground object, preserving its fine details and transparency, and producing a high-quality final composition.

Our service involves the following steps:
  1. Data collection. In addition to the markup, we provide data collection services that are suitable for solving your problem.
  2. Matte generation: We estimate the transparency values of each pixel in the image, creating an alpha matte that defines the transparency of the foreground object.
  3. Trimap annotation: If necessary, we may provide a trimap annotation to help guide the matte estimation process.
  4. Foreground color correction: We can also provide the option for adjusting the color and tone of the extracted foreground object to ensure a natural look when composited onto a different background.
As a result, we provide the dataset with original images and grayscale representation of the transparency of an images.

The image matting can be useful for the in the variety of tasks, including foreground object extraction and background replacement.

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