Licensed dataset
Dataset for training a neural network in face recognition and identification tasks using selfie and 26 photos of a person.

Portrait 26 Photos Dataset

Enables computer systems to automatically learn from data and make predictions
Machine Learning
Process of identifying a specific entity across different data
Gathering data for subsequent annotation
Data Collection
Process of identifying or verify a person identity using facial features
Facial Recognition
7 344
Technical specifications
Each person took 1 selfie and attached 26 photos of themselves in different lighting and environments:
Selfie portrait has strict criteria:

  • the photo is cropped above shoulders,
  • the person is depicted alone,
  • there are no sunglasses or a medical mask on the face,
  • calm expression, no smiling
  • Everyday life photos have different formats. There are photos captured with the phone, group photos, holiday photos. A person in the photos can be moving or expressing emotions. However, he or she is present in all the photos and his/her face can be easily recognized.
26 photos from life

  • Photos from everyday life include pictures taken in different locations, with different people, but a person from the Selfie Portrait is always present on all of them.
Person’s ID
File type
Country of origin of the person
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