Licensed dataset
Photos and videos of people taken on a phone and on a webcam under different lighting conditions. Additionally, in the video people pronounce numbers in Russian

Selfie and video dataset

Gathering data for subsequent annotation
Data Collection
Process of identifying or verify a person identity using facial features
Facial Recognition
Process of identifying a specific entity across different data
Techniques used to prevent fraudulent attempts to deceive an identifying system
3 963
3 409
Technical specifications
Each person took 4 selfies and 4 videos in which he/she pronounces a set of numbers in Russian:
2 videos on the phone on which he pronounces the numbers
the first video: ~30 seconds
second video: ~8 seconds
2 selfies on the webcam
2 videos on a webcam on which he pronounces numbers
the first video: ~30 seconds
second video: ~8 seconds
2 selfies on the phone
Extra Services
Collection of photos and videos by required attributes and metadata: frame rate, image resolution, demographic and geographical characteristics
Collection of videos and photo with street and home lighting on different backgrounds
Photos and videos of attacks from MacBook, iPad and iPhone webcams
Bounding Box labeling and classification
Gender distribution
Age distribution
Distribution by region
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