Image annotation
Training Data provides a full range of services for working with images to create high-quality training datasets
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is the process of assigning labels or categories to pixels or objects in an image in order to train a computer model to recognize or classify these objects and understand their contents.
In Training Data, we offer both manual markup and using automatic algorithms (pre-markup, SAM, Llama, etc.), selecting tools based on the goals and metrics of your project
Image annotation in machine learning
Bounding box
Selecting an object with a rectangle to indicate the location and size of the object, without taking into account its shape in detail
Polygons that form a closed shape with well-defined boundaries of objects or areas of interest
Semantic segmentation
Classifying each pixel or point of an image or three-dimensional cloud into corresponding semantic classes or categories
Adding semantic information and classifying points into categories of objects with the assignment of XYZ coordinates for self-driving cars
Key points with coordinates specified at specific locations to identify objects or structures in images and videos
A set of connected points forming a continuous contour with coordinates for describing curves or boundaries of objects, as well as marking the path of movement
3D cuboids
Rectangular volumes used for marking objects in three-dimensional space and with information about the size, position and orientation of the object
Assigning categories and classes to objects and images based on specified characteristics or properties
Creating a mask or masking area around an object in an image or video for video editing, special effects, AR applications
Stages of work
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Free pilot:
We will conduct a test pilot project for you and provide a golden set, based on which we will determine the final technical requirements and approve project metrics.

We prepare a contract and all necessary documentation upon the request of your accountants and lawyers.
Workflow customization:
We form a pool of suitable tools and assign an experienced manager who will be in touch with you regarding all project details.
Quality control:
Data uploads for verification are done iteratively, allowing your team to review and approve collected/annotated data.
You pay for the work after receiving the data in agreed quality and quantity.
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Conducting a pilot 
You pay for the work after you have received the data in the established quality and quantity

Carrying out work on the project
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from 1 to 5 days
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