Datasets and services for training LLM
for corporate GPT chats
At Training Data, we provide a full cycle of working with data for training, evaluation and testing of LLM models across 12 industries. Our ML engineers, crowd experts and a base of professional AI trainers allow you to bring GPT internal chats to a high level that your customers will talk about.
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represents a breakthrough in artificial intelligence that allows machines to understand and generate human-like text. These models are able to understand the context, create coherent responses and perform text tasks within the internal knowledge base of companies based on common algorithms.
LLM, or the big language model,
Supervised fine-tuning
Reward modeling
Reinforcement learning

Task types

Data preparation
Reward modeling
Reinforcement learning
We collect and generate data, clean it, open sets of dates for narrow niches and topics, forming an internal knowledge base, correct operation of LLM
We create and evaluate the demonstration of responses, form expectations of responses and dialogues from LMM in the formats adopted in your company
We compare and evaluate the LLM-generated responses according to the technical instructions, internal rules of use and general ideas about ethics
We write and describe promts to provide LLM with a clearer understanding of the query and the output of a specific result from the knowledge base

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We provide collected and generated datasets in 12+ industries that will help train and train a neural network on corner cases
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