About the life and growth of annotators with Training Data

Ksenia, HR manager
My name is Ksenia, and I live in a small but beautiful town called Tiraspol! Tiraspol is a city on the left bank of the Dniester River and the capital of the unrecognized Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. One day in 2020, while walking with a fellow student, I learned that she had experience in remote work.
I have been continuously combining work for Training Data with active participation in my studies
It's hard to express my happiness when I found out that I also have the opportunity to try myself in this. Since school, I had dreamed of such an opportunity, but the only thing I could find at that time was a temporary summer job because it would not affect my performance in school/university.

Starting from my third year, I have been continuously combining work for Training Data with active participation in my studies. For one and a half years, I focused strictly on annotation. I felt very comfortable in the role of an annotator because every day I had to meet the daily quota for which I received my reward. However, whenever possible and desired, I could always annotate more and accordingly receive higher payment.

I was offered a wonderful opportunity to supervise a project
Timely payments, the ability to influence my income, and the opportunity to work from home at any time are very comfortable conditions that I definitely value.
By consistently meeting the quota and demonstrating good quality, I certainly did not go unnoticed by the management. I was offered a wonderful opportunity to supervise a project.

My team grew from 1 performer to 50
Yes, it was a completely different area of responsibility, and yes, accepting such an offer was insanely nerve-wracking, but I took the risk and never regretted it. I was ready for a different level of responsibility, and fortunately, I successfully coped with it.

During six months of such activities, I achieved good results: my team grew from 1 performer to 50 who effectively completed daily orders with large volumes of data. And, as you can understand, all of this was happening alongside my studies, where I am gradually approaching my diploma.

I still collaborate with Training Data
Now I am a graduate of the Economics Faculty, and I still collaborate with Training Data, but now in the position of an HR manager. Despite having worked in the company for quite some time and having tried myself in many projects, going through all the stages of selection for the HR manager position was still nerve-wracking, but it didn't stop me.

When I really want something, I'm willing to overcome feelings like fear, excitement, and self-doubt! I expressed my interest in the HR manager position to the HR manager and soon was scheduled for the first online interview. After successfully completing it, I proceeded to the completion of a test assignment. The selection results and the offer came to me within two days!

For two months, I underwent an internship program: assisting the team, fulfilling tasks within my area of responsibility, learning time management and working with project tools (trackers, surveys, and knowledge bases). I became more familiar with HR work: I managed to distribute projects among more than 400 annotators within a week and conduct 20 onboarding meetings.

Training Data provides numerous opportunities
I believe this is just the beginning! Training Data provides numerous opportunities for personal and career growth, as well as support, understanding, and attention, which are particularly important for aspiring professionals.