Video annotation
Training Data provides a full cycle of work on the collection and markup of video materials for the development, training and improvement of AI video analytics systems in 20+ industries
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is the process of annotating video data to prepare them for use in neural network training tasks. In the process of video annotation, various objects or events are usually identified and marked or tagged, as well as their properties or characteristics. The labelingmay include information about the position, class, shape, movement, and other attributes of objects in the video
Video labeling in machine learning
Object Tracking
The process of tracking and predicting the movement and state of objects with a unique ID in a video stream or sequence of frames
3D cuboids
Rectangular volumes used for marking objects in three-dimensional space and with information about the size, position and orientation of the object
A set of connected points forming a continuous contour with coordinates for describing curves or boundaries of objects, as well as marking the path of movement
Key points with coordinates specified at specific locations to identify objects or structures in images and videos
Assigning a class or label to a pixel or pixel area that indicates belonging to a specific object or category
Polygons that form a closed shape with well-defined boundaries of objects or areas of interest
Bounding box
Selecting an object with a rectangle to indicate the location and size of the object, without taking into account its shape in detail
Assigning categories and classes to objects and images based on specified characteristics or properties
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