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Get high-quality training data to increase your AI/ML model’s accuracy. Complete your project on time, even with a short notice. Relieve data scientists from routine data labelling operations.
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Our Services:
We collect image, video, text and audio data for your project.

✓ Internet data search
✓ Open source datasets search
✓ Crowdsourcing collection
✓ Synthetic data rendering
✓ Website scraping
Our Services:
  • Images

    Image labelling from face details to space snapshots.

  • Video

    Face recognition in a crowd and object detection in motion.

  • Audio

    Transforming voice and audio to accurate text data.

  • Lidar
    Annotation of 3D models, maps, and environment.
  • Text and documents
    Labelling printed and handwritten text in 30+ languages.
  • Dicom
    Labelling all kinds of medical data from dental crowns to MRI scans.
  • High-quality
    High-quality data annotations to increase AI/ML model accuracy. Dedicated project manager and rigorous quality control for every project.
  • Speed
    Shorten data preparation time. We work on short notice and will complete your project on time as we have in 95% of our previous projects!
  • Pay at completion
    Payment is based entirely upon job completion and is due when you are satisfied with the work done. Unmatched price-quality ratio in the industry!
  • Trust
    Leading security standards to ensure data confidentiality. All employees sign NDAs and data is deleted upon project completion.
Use Cases
  • Robotics
    Annotate 3D models and LIDAR points to assist robots in preventing crashes through object detection.

  • ECommerce
    Optimize and automate retail and e-commerce business with high quality and secure data annotations.

  • Agriculture
    Annotate animals in fields and fish in rivers. Determine plant and grain diseases. Classify all pathologies and add them to the database.
  • Financial Institutions

    Extract critical data from documents and chats to help voice assistants give correct replies and provide better customer service.

  • Augmented reality
    Solutions for AR virtual fitting rooms in the fashion industry. Labelling faces, bodies, clothes and other objects for AR applications.
  • Healthcare
    Utilize knowledge from medical professionals to label medical data from dental crowns to MRI Scans.
  • Face Detection
    Recognize faces in busy areas and public transport to detect individuals and classify crowds into different demographic groups.
  • Drones
    Help drones recognize flight path obstacles and on-ground objects to enhance automation and efficiency within drone systems.
  • Energy
    Automate repair management and safety within pipelines and tank routes by labelling energy infrastructure images.
  • Cities
    Create efficiency within urban areas by labelling buildings, addresses, pedestrians, cars, and garbage bins.
  • Chatbots
    Train your bots to recognize requests, classify calls, generate speech, and communicate with humans more effectively.
  • Geodesy
    Label mountains, rivers, fields, forests from satellite imagery. Decode electromagnetic maps to classify earth density.
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Projects finish ahead of schedule
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