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TrainingData supports educational institutions by providing free access to AI datasets from various industries, including biometrics, healthcare, and e-commerce
You can use these data for training models for coursework, academic research, and scientific publications
The dataset is provided solely for individual non-commercial use. Violation of the terms of the agreement may result in penalties as specified


  • Partnership
    We offer you a portion of the licensed dataset for free as part of a university partnership
  • Submit an application
    Choose a dataset from the options below and submit your application
  • Receive instructions
    We will send you a step-by-step guide via email on how to quickly obtain the data
Training Data provides only a portion of the dataset under partnership conditions?
Yes, for each dataset in the preview, the number of sets available for partnership with the university is specified. The limitations allow us to provide sets for students free of charge
Can I use the dataset multiple times?
Yes, you can use the dataset as many times as you want, as long as you adhere to the rules: use the dataset for non-commercial purposes and do not transfer the data to third parties
Can I request multiple datasets?
The program entails one dataset within the scope of the partnership. If your task requires multiple datasets, please describe it in the application letter, and we will individually review your request. Our goal is to provide accessible and effective learning
I am not a student or a graduate student. How can I get the dataset?
If the student program is not suitable for you, consider our Kaggle: Training Data. Propose the datasets you are interested in on Discuss


Agriculture Data Labeling Dataset

Collection and segmentation of plants from drone aerial imagery of plantations for monitoring the condition of crops

Anti-Spoofing Printed Photo Dataset

4,700+ videos
4,700+ people
Video attacks with printed photos from Anti-spoofing Real

Anti-Spoofing Real Dataset

140,000+ files
1 selfie and 1 video of each person
70,000+ people

Bald Spots of Men and Women Dataset

Photos of people with varying degrees of alopecia to train a neural network to identify and classify areas of baldness


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