Data Labeling and Annotation Services
for Machine Learning
At Training Data, we provide top-notch data labeling and annotation services to meet the demanding needs of machine learning projects. Our experienced team is committed to delivering accurate and precise annotations, enabling you to build robust and reliable models. With our comprehensive expertise and advanced tools, we ensure that your datasets are labeled with the utmost quality and meticulous attention to detail
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Training Data provides expert data labeling and annotation services for a wide range of projects including Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Optical Character Recognition and Content Moderation. Our skilled team specializes in accurately labeling and annotating diverse datasets, enabling the development of advanced AI models.
Task types
| Computer Vision
3-D Lidar
Semantic Segmentation
Polygons and polylines
| NLP and OCR
Named entity recognition (NER) and Entity classification

Sentiment and topic analysis
Intent and conversation analysis
| Content Moderation
Сhecking ads for authenticity
Call center services
Detection of prohibited content
Reviews monitoring
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Types of labeling
Image Annotation

Our skilled annotators meticulously annotate images for object detection, semantic segmentation, instance segmentation, and bounding box detection tasks. We ensure precise labeling, enabling your models to identify and analyze objects with exceptional accuracy

Video Annotation
With our video annotation services, we provide detailed annotations for action recognition, object tracking, scene understanding, and activity detection tasks. Our annotators meticulously label video frames, enabling your models to extract meaningful insights from visual content
Audio Annotation
Our team specializes in audio annotation, covering tasks such as speech recognition, speaker diarization, emotion detection, and transcription services. We ensure accurate labeling of audio data, empowering your models to understand and interpret sound-based information effectively
Annotation of 3D Models, Maps, and Environment. We will define the object's boundaries in space, track its trajectory, and build a movement forecast using cuboids and tags
Text Annotation
We offer comprehensive text annotation services, including named entity recognition, sentiment analysis, part-of-speech tagging, and language translation. Our experts annotate your textual data, providing valuable insights and enhancing the performance of your NLP models
Labeling of All Types of Medical Data from Dental Crowns to MRI Scans. Our team includes dentists, surgeons, oncologists, dermatologists.
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