Data Collection Services
Get your AI project up and running fast with our data collection and preparation services
Collect and augment diversified image, video, text and audio data for your business
Diverse datasets with metadata
We specialize in collecting and preparing datasets with personal data for tasks such as anti-spoofing, re-identification, internet security and other industries requiring biometrics. We offer licenses to ready-to-use datasets and customized collection services on demand
Biometric data collection
Web scraping and parsing streamline data collection from diverse websites for your business to make informed decisions and enhance strategies. This empowers you to lead the competition and optimize their resources
Parsing and web Scraping
Get specific real-world scenarios datasets
Experienced in-house team and crowdsourcing tools create high quality datasets for AI tasks such as verbal speech, natural language text, human gestures and behaviors (fights, argues, thefts, falls, people with prohibited items etc)
Field data
Accurate and structured data
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