Use case
Photos and text files with measurements of size of body parts for creating recommendation systems and training neural networks in e-commerce

Body measurements

Data collection
Computer Vision
Gathering data for subsequent annotation
Ability of a machine to interpret, analyze, and understand visual data
Body Recognition
e – Commerce
Detection and recognition the shape and pose of a human body on the image
Using machine learning in online retail
Technical specifications
The dataset consists of:
- 2 full-length photos of a person: front and side in casual tight clothes

- values of height, weight, age and belonging to an ethnic group

- numerical measurements of the body on a centimeter tape

- 20 supporting photos of measurements
File format:
  1. The images are presented in png and jpeg

2. The numerical values of each person are indicated in the files .json
The collection of photos of people and their body parameters was gathered through crowdsourcing platforms, internal tools and communication channels
Use cases
Virtual fitting
Beauty and cosmetics industry
Personalized recommendations
Development of fitness applications
A virtual fitting App that will help users determine the appropriate size of clothing or try on a thing without actually being in the store
Computer vision to create algorithms that analyze the features of the face and skin and offer customized cosmetic products and procedures that are most suitable for a particular person
Bounding box detection for monitoring changes related to the weight of patients and their body parameters for the diagnosis and treatment of weight-related diseases, as well as for tracking the progress of treatment
Classification for creating machine learning algorithms that offer personalized recommendations on fashion and style, colors and styles presented in the store
Classification and computer vision algorithms for creating personalized training and nutrition suggestions based on the user's fitness parameters
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