Detailed labeling of cars into their component parts. You can use the dataset for computer vision tasks

Car Segmentation

Dividing an image into semantically independent segments to determine object boundaries
Highlighting objects in photos to train systems to recognize and interpret them
Data Labeling
The ability to recognize and analyze images and video
Computer Vision
The use of machine learning in the automotive industry
10 000
Annotation Classes
9 weeks
Segmentation Example
This dataset is an example of a custom project completed by our company:
16 segmentation classes: bumper, radiator, hood, and others
Annotation was done in Photoshop: each class was carefully selected and filled with a designated color
The result is a ready-made dataset of 10,000 cars and 10,000 segmentation masks in PNG format
Custom Dataset for You
Assistance is provided in creating a technical specification tailored to your product goals based on vehicle segmentation
Classification and segmentation are offered for your data
Work is done with your data or collection is carried out in the desired ratio of classes and car brands for you
Annotation tools are selected according to your task requirements. PhotoShop, CVAT, and Label Studio are utilized
The dataset is provided in the form of original photos with PNG masks or CVAT annotations
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