Use case
Dataset for training neural networks to monitor compliance with safety rules at high-risk enterprises.

Helmet Detection

Data Labeling
Process of recognition and grouping of objects into preset categories
Annotation of objects in photos to train systems to recognize and interpret them
Object Detection
Training algorithms to recognize situations that can cause harm
Способность оценивать и разделять объекты по заранее заданным признакам
1 000
5 weeks
project duration
Kaggle usability
Case Description
Data collection:
Video and photo parsing from surveillance cameras on construction sites was carried out. The images depict workers in helmets and without helmets from one to several people
Data labeling:
  1. Classification of workers by the presence or absence of a helmet in CVAT
  2. Bounding-Box helmet detection
  3. The labelling is presented as two coordinates in an XML file
AI solutions in Security
Reduction of production downtime and reduction of enterprise costs by 20%
Control of loading and unloading operations
Monitoring of sensor indicators
Automation of the analysis of the state of technology
Tracking errors in the work of personnel and in the sequence of actions
Fixing the location of an employee with the necessary qualifications at the place of work
Accident prevention
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