Collecting data for conducting audits of products and services offered on online platforms

Marketplace scraping data

E - commerce
Automated collection of information from websites
Using machine learning in online trading
Process of recognition and grouping of objects into preset categories
Data collection
Gathering data for subsequent annotation
product categories
Case Description:
Extraction of information about Marketplace cards at the time of parsing and with the dynamics of changes in product descriptions for two weeks and a month
Collection of 150,000 cards in 15 days.
Data is structured in a .csv table
Labeling of 5,000 products in 30 days.
url - link to the product
title - product name
colors - product colors
category - categories in which the product is located. Listed through a slash, as they are presented in a hierarchical order from broad to narrow
price - price in USD
Product classification: evaluation of compliance with rules and user agreements of marketplaces
Entity annotation: grouping and categorization of products for training algorithms on related products
Marketplace parser: sale or development of a ready-made tool for extracting data from any online store
Business Solutions
Price comparison and tracking
Sales ranking collection
SEO analysis
Product image and description upload
Behavior and preference research
Competitive analysis
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