Datasets for solving video analytics tasks
Object tracking
What is tracking?
Computer Vision is a task for determining and tracking the trajectory of an object in space with assigning it a unique ID. Video analytics with tracking brings a large amount of data to business for making strategic decisions, and also contributes to the automation and optimization of processes at the level of private and public institutions.
Types of tasks
Image tracking
is the task of automatic image recognition and tracking
Video tracking-
The technology is used in the field of augmented reality (AR).
After applying 3D graphics, the user can move the camera without actually losing sight of the flat 2D surface and graphics on top of it thanks to tracking on two-dimensional images.
Companies like Apple and Ikea use such technologies to provide customers with a virtual view of how their products will look according to their personal criteria and settings
is the task of tracking a moving object in a video
Video tracking is the sequential analysis of video frames and the comparison of the past location of an object with the current location by predicting and creating a bounding box around it.
It is widely used in traffic monitoring, self-driving cars and security systems because it can process the footage in real time
Datasets to order
Tracking people on the streets
The dataset of tracking people through surveillance cameras solves security problems in public places
Technical specifications:
20,000 frames
Data collection:
Data labeling:
Video footage from surveillance cameras in public places is collected using parsing. The video captures people of different genders and ages in the open space of the shopping center.
1. Tracking each person in the frame by Bounding-Box markup using CVAT.
2. The markup is presented in the form of coordinates in XML format
Tracking a basketball
The basketball tracking dataset automates the work of the camera operator during the match, allows you to effectively keep the ball in the frame.
Technical specifications:
3,000 - images
Data labeling:
Data collection:
1. Ball detection using Bounding box marking
2. Classification by overlap and position of the ball in CVAT
3. The markup is presented in the form of coordinates and attributes in XML format
Sequential images from archived videos of basketball matches are collected using parsing. The images depict basketball players leading the ball.
Tracking cars on video
The car tracking dataset effectively solves the problem of car identification for road safety and traffic analysis
Technical specifications
16,000 frames
Data collection:
Archived video footage of traffic from security cameras is collected using parsing. The footage captures cars of different types in motion
Data labeling:
1. Tracking each car in the frame using Bounding-Box markup
2. Classification of cars depending on the type of body
3. The markup is presented in the form of coordinates and attributes in XML format
Industries that use
tracking for AI solutions
Security and Safety
Transport and logistics
E-commerce and re-tail
Utilities and urbanistics
Agricultural industry
Tracking the movements of people at protected sites, predictive analysis of conflict and life-threatening situations
Tracking and counting incoming and outgoing people in transport. Analysis of the trajectory of the car to calculate the average speed and assess the skills of the driver
Counting the number of visitors to retail outlets, analytics of customer behavior and other metrics within the trading floor
Detecting situations of the plan “entrance to a closed zone” for tasks of the level “did you wash your hands before approaching the cutting table
Improving the security of residential facilities, tracking visitors and situations at entrances, analyzing the behavior of people inside the residential complex and in parking lots
Tracking the trajectory of movements to assess the condition and control of animals, assessing the density of distribution of animals in pens and fish in reservoirs
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