We have various types and formats of medical data for scientific research and clinical treatments. Our ready-to-use datasets come with labeling services that enable and automate AI solutions for MedTech companies
Medical Data and Services
Computed tomography
Ultrasound examinations
Endoscopic diagnostics
Laboratory diagnostics
Sports Medicine, Behavioral Health

X-ray studies
We offer detailed images of all parts of the body, including visualizations of areas with anomalies, color masks, and a doctor's certificate
Real and labeled data is available for neural networks that can help with the pre-diagnosis of pain, swelling, and infection in the body's internal organs
Data enables MedTech products to automatically detect anomalies in the digestive tract and provide doctors with valuable information about patients' conditions
Labeled data of peripheral blood and bone marrow cell types to recognize cells characteristic of oncohematological processes
This data pertains to technologies that aid in preventing sports injuries, recommending exercises for optimal health, and analyzing training and nutrition processes

Radiograph images, both labeled and unlabeled, help identify hard tissues of the oral cavity and surrounding skeletal structures
Pictures of bones and soft tissues of all parts of the body to assist healthcare providers in diagnosing a wide range of conditions and planning treatment
Images of the back part of the eye with labeling to identify defects and diseases of the retina, optic disc, choroid, and blood vessels
Datasets on demand
We provide raw data, labeled data, and text conclusions from the doctor for each set. All data is anonymized
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