Surveys and UX-researches
Social studies
Side-by-side comparisons
Logo memorability
Configuring interface
Our founders advise start-ups and corporate ML teams, speak at industry conferences and teach at the country's top universities.
We have been labelling data since 2016. Today, our team consists of 35 project managers, 85 experts from 12 industries and more than 1,200 labellers.
TrainingData is the number 1 data collection and labelling company
About us
Types of
UX researches
Social studies
All types of surveys to obtain statistically significant information for the purpose of the study. The number of respondents and their requirements are determined at the client's request
Side-by-side comparisons
A project where it is needed to compare images, illustrations, videos, website and app interface design in pairs
Five Second Test
First impression analysis of logo design, colour palette, advertising creatives and texts
Logo memorability
A research aimed at evaluating and analysing trademarks for marketing purposes during rebranding and new business launches
Configuring the Toloka interface
Usability evaluation of the website and applications. The project tests hypotheses about the placement of buttons and other information by giving implementers a task to perform a targeted action
Customised platform interface development services for research tasks of any complexity
First Click Test
Working with crowdsourcing platforms, we customise the right audiences according to a variety of criteria (demographics, geography, education, interests, browser version, phone model, behavioural patterns etc.) to maximise the relevance of research results at the classic social research level
200 000 people
are willing to participate in surveys everyday
250 countries
are covered for assignments
of the platform and respondents across all time zones
Canada, USA, Mexico
Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Guatemala, Haiti, Panama, Honduras, Uruguay, Nicaragua, El Salvador
Algeria, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Ghana, Tunisia, Cameroon, Zambia, Cote d'Ivoire, Uganda, Ethiopia, Senegal, Benin, Togo, Burkina‐Faso, Madagascar, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Mali, Botswana, Somali, Congo, Rwanda, Angola, Namibia
Pakistan, India, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Viet Nam, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Kirghizstan, Sri Lanka, Tadjikistan, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Turkmenistan, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Singapore, Palestine
24/7 operation
Moldova, Italy, France, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Portugal, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Hungary, Czeck Republick, Romania
More research conducted:
Соответствие ответов голосовых помощников
Определение концепции бренда
Выбор лучшего названия
Ранжирование акций в маркетплейсах
Advertising campaign creatives test
UX, тест функционала и понятности иконок
Поиск оптимальной цены
Analysis of brand and slogans recognition
Consumer and customer preferences of offline outlets
Own customised survey
Additional services:
Included in the cost of a project:
  • Integration of Yandex.Forms into Toloka for your research

  • Teaching how to set up projects in Toloka
  • Help with questions drafting

  • 24/7 technical support

  • A personal project manager
Why us?
Customer care
Our clients point out the high level of expertise of our team. We know everything about working with data. Systematic training and participation in international data summits allow us to offer our clients the most advanced solutions and products
TrainingData - reinforcing your business' ML development teams. We take full responsibility for building processes, the desired outcome, meeting deadlines and contractual obligations
Clients always receive services and offers according to AI business trends: data sets of masked people, medical data for MedTech start-ups, voice assistant training, relevance search evaluation and moderation for marketplaces and classifieds
The expertise and skills of our employees complete the high level of service and support to our customers, loyal clients and partners. We are committed to building trusted relationships and delivering great results
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