Necessary Cloud technologies and SDK
Necessary Cloud technologies and SDK
for business process automation and SMART cities functioning
Necessary Cloud technologies and SDK
for business process automation and SMART cities functioning
for business process automation and SMART cities functioning
Аccelerate all types of paperwork using cloud AI technologies and services powered by high quality data
Improve business processes and increase profits with scalable, fault-tolerant, loosely coupled distributed system
VANTA Document digitization and data extraction platform and services
Recognition and classification
Determines the type of documents and sorts them into the necessary folders for further use
Information comparison
Smart data extraction
Signature verification
Checks information from different documents, finds errors and inaccuracies
Compares signatures with real ones and determines the probability of forgery
VANTA OCR powered system saves your employee time and empower your business processes. It works with personal and business documentation, dilapidated copies and documents with hard-to-read content
All data is ready to use and uploaded in a database or CRM directly
Uploads text, numbers, tables, images and any other necessary data in the order you need
VANTA Stream processing and objects recognition SDK
Create a safe workplace for your workforce with an intelligent video processing system to help prevent injuries, theft, fights and any other undesirable situations for people and business.
You will be able to set up safety management, quickly respond to incidents, increase productivity and security of staff and visitors
Customer identification
Object tracking
Workflow and risks control
Notifying the manager of the arrival of a regular customer and preparing an individual offer
Tracking work areas and objects: what equipment, animals and people come and what they do for better safety planning by analyzing pattern risks
Providing data on which employees are in the workplace and what they are doing
Determining the sequence of employee actions, compliance of actions and the environment with safety regulations
Workplace presence
2 years in the market
Of automation, optimization and cheapening of business processes in the areas of banks, e-commerce and security. VANTA products and solutions based on Machine Learning and Computer Vision technologies accelerate all routine business processes
boxed solutions for optimizing the work of departments
reduction of workflow costs to increase business profitability
products for complex process automation
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