Content moderation services
For classifieds, social networks and hosting sites
Training Data provides a full range of data management services to protect sites from fraudulent, illegal and prohibited by internal rules actions
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For the second year we have been ordering markup from Training Data for various tasks related to computer vision and content moderation. Speed is important to us, so we were looking for a contractor with a large team of markup and relevant experience. It's cool that we came out to Andrey Litvin. The company has a high number of taggers and a trained department of curators who cope with a huge amount of data. We continue to work together.
Andrey Rybintsev
Director of Trust & Safety Avito
The importance of content moderation
for companies' reputation systems
Protecting users from malicious content
Preventing the distribution of inappropriate content
Preserving the reputation of the platform
Improving the quality of content
Compliance with the law
Types of tasks
Content moderation on the site
Checking profiles on the site
Mystery Shopper
Our Services

Search for violations on the site

Moderation of images, videos, text and audio in ads, reviews and call recordings for violations of the rules of use of the service

Call-up on real estate sale ads

Checking for lead generation through an ad, revealing the concealment of information such as the presence of privatization, collateral, mortgages, registered people, etc.

Checking chats

Identification of facts of withdrawal of users from the site, insults, inconsistency of the description of the offered products and services and other fraudulent schemes

 Moderation of external messengers

Communication with advertisers and customers of the service on third-party messengers (What's App/ Viber / Facebook etc) to check the profile and the goods and services sold

Identification of drug couriers

Verification of compliance of goods and services with the description on the website and identification of fraudsters and organizations involved in the distribution of prohibited substances

Identification of ads on the topic of prostitution

Communication with the sellers of the platform by phone and in external messengers to identify agencies providing webcam and other services related to the 18+ segment
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