Showroom of datasets
We will help you to find the right dataset
For 6 years of working with data, we have accumulated high-quality datasets that are used in research and AI business
A high-quality dataset is 90% of the success of the correct operation of a neural network
At Training Data, we provide ready-made datasets with in-depth metadata and expertise from leading data Scientologists
Our datasets are chosen to:
Win iBeta Level 1 and Level 2 certificates
o train neural networks on rare corner cases
Increase the quality of the models from 95%
Create a database for internal development
Types of Datasets
  • Demo samples
  • Cases on data collection and annotation
  • Launching a project according to your unique technical task
  • The rights to the dataset remain with you
  • Licensed datasets for quick purchase
Source data, labeling, metadata and documentation
  • Additional services for data collection and labeling
  • Commercial use license
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Didn't find the dataset you need?
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