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Training Data offers NLP Annotation Services, providing accurate labeling and tagging of textual data to enhance natural language processing (NLP) models' accuracy and performance.

What is NLP Annotation?

NLP annotation in data training services involves the process of systematically labeling or tagging textual data with linguistic annotations, such as part-of-speech tags, named entities, syntactic structures, sentiment labels, and semantic relationships. This annotation process enables natural language processing (NLP) models to understand and interpret the meaning and context of textual data, facilitating tasks such as text classification, sentiment analysis, information extraction, and machine translation.

Types of NLP Annotation Services


Part-of-Speech (POS) Tagging

POS tagging involves annotating each word in a text with its corresponding grammatical category, such as noun, verb, adjective, or adverb. These annotations provide linguistic insights into the syntactic structure of the text, facilitating tasks like parsing and information extraction.

Named Entity Recognition (NER)

NER annotation identifies and classifies named entities within text, such as names of people, organizations, locations, dates, and numerical expressions. Annotations enable extraction of structured information from unstructured text data, supporting tasks like entity linking and knowledge graph construction.

Syntactic Parsing

Syntactic parsing annotates the grammatical structure of sentences, including dependencies between words and phrases. Annotations provide a hierarchical representation of the text's syntactic relationships, aiding in tasks like semantic analysis, question answering, and machine translation.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis annotation assigns sentiment labels (e.g., positive, negative, neutral) to text, indicating the emotional tone expressed by the author. Annotations enable automated understanding of opinions, attitudes, and emotions conveyed in text, supporting applications like social media monitoring and customer feedback analysis.

Coreference Resolution

Coreference resolution annotation identifies and links referring expressions (e.g., pronouns, definite noun phrases) to their corresponding antecedents within text. Annotations help resolve ambiguous references and establish coherence in discourse, improving the performance of tasks like text summarization and document understanding.

Semantic Role Labeling (SRL)

SRL annotation identifies the semantic roles played by different constituents of a sentence, such as agents, patients, and instruments. Annotations capture the predicate-argument structure of sentences, facilitating tasks like information extraction, question answering, and semantic parsing.

Temporal Expression Recognition

Temporal expression recognition annotation identifies and annotates temporal expressions (e.g., dates, times, durations) within text. Annotations enable extraction of temporal information for tasks such as event extraction, temporal reasoning, and timeline generation.

Event Extraction

Event extraction annotation identifies and extracts events mentioned in text, including event triggers, participants, and temporal attributes. Annotations capture the semantics of events, supporting tasks like event clustering, trend analysis, and event-driven information retrieval.

How we Deliver NLP Annotation Projects

At Training Data, we follow a comprehensive approach to delivering NLP Annotation Projects that meet the highest quality standards and exceed client expectations. Our process consists of several key stages, each meticulously designed to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and client satisfaction.

Consultation and Requirements Gathering

/ 01
We begin by engaging in thorough discussions with you to understand your project objectives, specific NLP tasks, and annotation guidelines. This consultation phase allows us to tailor our approach to meet your unique needs and requirements.

Project Planning and Scope Definition

/ 02
Based on the insights gathered during the consultation phase, we define the scope of the project, including the types of NLP tasks to be annotated, annotation guidelines, and project timelines. Clear communication and alignment are our top priorities at this stage.

Annotation Execution

/ 03
With the project scope defined, our experienced team of annotators gets to work. They meticulously annotate the textual data according to the predefined guidelines and criteria, ensuring accuracy and consistency throughout the process.

Quality Control and Assurance

/ 04
Quality is paramount to us. Before finalizing anything, we subject the annotated data to rigorous quality control checks. This involves manual inspections and automated validation tools to identify and rectify any errors or inconsistencies.

Validation and Review

/ 05
Once the annotation phase is complete, we conduct thorough validation and review processes. Our experts review the annotated data to ensure it meets your specific requirements and aligns with the nuances of your domain. Any discrepancies or issues are promptly addressed.

Delivery and Formatting

/ 06
With everything validated and approved, we prepare the annotated data exactly how you need it. Whether it's formatting for compatibility with your NLP models or delivering in a specific file format, we ensure it's ready to integrate seamlessly into your workflow.

Client Feedback and Iteration

/ 07
Your satisfaction is our top priority. We welcome your feedback on the delivered annotated data and are more than happy to make any necessary adjustments based on your input. Our goal is to ensure the final product exceeds your expectations.

Post-Delivery Support

/ 08
Our support doesn't end with delivery. If you have any questions or need further assistance down the line, we're here for you. Think of us as your ongoing partner in leveraging annotated NLP data for your AI and machine learning initiatives.

NLP Annotation Use Cases

Customer Service and Support

Companies utilize NLP annotation data for chatbot development, email categorization, and sentiment analysis of customer feedback. Annotations enable automated response generation, sentiment tracking, and issue resolution, improving customer service experiences.

E-commerce and Retail

In e-commerce and retail, NLP annotation supports product categorization, sentiment analysis of customer reviews, and personalized recommendation systems. Annotations aid in understanding customer preferences, optimizing product listings, and increasing sales.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Healthcare organizations employ NLP annotation for clinical data analysis, medical transcription, and electronic health record (EHR) management. Annotations assist in identifying medical entities, extracting patient information, and supporting disease diagnosis and treatment planning.

Finance and Banking

In finance and banking, NLP annotation facilitates sentiment analysis of market news, categorization of financial documents such as loan applications, and detection of fraudulent activities. Annotations support risk assessment, compliance monitoring, and customer sentiment analysis.

Legal and Compliance

Legal firms and compliance departments utilize NLP annotation for contract analysis, legal document classification, and identification of regulatory compliance issues. Annotations aid in extracting clauses, identifying legal entities, and flagging potential risks within documents.

Social Media and Marketing

Marketing agencies leverage NLP annotation for social media sentiment analysis, topic modeling, and content categorization. Annotations provide insights into consumer opinions, trends, and preferences, informing marketing strategies and campaign targeting.

Education and Research

Educational institutions and research organizations apply NLP annotation for academic text mining, plagiarism detection, and curriculum development. Annotations assist in identifying key concepts, summarizing research papers, and categorizing educational resources.

Human Resources and Recruitment

HR departments use NLP annotation for resume parsing, job matching, and sentiment analysis of employee feedback. Annotations aid in identifying relevant skills, matching candidates to job openings, and assessing employee satisfaction.

Government and Public Services

Government agencies employ NLP annotation for public opinion analysis, information extraction from government documents, and language translation services. Annotations support policy-making, citizen engagement, and multilingual communication.

Media and Entertainment

Media companies utilize NLP annotation for content categorization, sentiment analysis of audience reactions, and recommendation systems. Annotations enable personalized content delivery, audience segmentation, and trend analysis.

Stages of work

  • Application

    Leave a request on the website for a free consultation with an expert. Th e acco unt manager will guide you on the services, timelines, and price
  • Free pilot

    We will conduct a test pilot project for you and provide a golden set, based on which we will determine the final technical requirements and approve project metrics
  • Agreement

    We prepare a contract and all necessary documentation upon the request of your accountants and lawyers
  • Workflow customization

    We form a pool of suitable tools and assign an experienced manager who will be in touch with you regarding all project details
  • Quality control

    Data uploads for verification are done iteratively, allowing your team to review and approve collected/annotated data
  • Post-payment

    You pay for the work after receiving the data in agreed quality and quantity


  • 24 hours
  • 24 hours
  • 1 to 3 days
  • 1 to 5 days
    Conducting a pilot
  • 1 day to several years
    Carrying out work on the project
  • 1 to 5 days
    Quality control
You pay for the work after you have received the data
in the established quality and quantity

Training Data

  • Quality Assurance:
  • Enhanced Data Accuracy
  • Consistency in Labels
  • Reliable Ground Truth
  • Mitigation of Annotation Biases
  • Cost and Time Efficiency
  • Data Security and Confidentiality:
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Data Encryption
  • Multiple data storage options
  • Access Controls and Authentication
  • Expert Team:
  • 6 years in industry
  • 35 top project managers
  • 40+ languages
  • 100+ countries
  • 250k+ assessors
  • Flexible and Scalable Solutions:
  • 24/7 availability of customer service
  • 100% post payment
  • $550 minimum check
  • Variable Workload
  • Customized Solutions

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