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Young People Image Dataset

27,000+ photos
12,500+ people
131 countries

Facial Emotion Image Collection

1000 photos
4 weeks

Male Selfie Image Dataset

111,000+ photos
74,000+ people
141 countries

Female Selfie Image Dataset

90,000+ photos
46,000+ people
141 countries

Hispanic People Video Dataset

32,600 photos & video
16,300+ people
20 countries

Asian People Video Dataset

30,600+ photo and video
15,300+ people
32 countries

Asian People KYC Photo Dataset

9,900+ photos
1,300+ document photos
660+ asian people
27 countries

Caucasian People Video Dataset

19,400+ photo and video
9,700+ people
37 countries

Hispanic People KYC Photo Dataset

10,800+ photos
1,400+ document photos
720+ hispanic people
19 countries

Bald Women Image Dataset

995 photos
199 women
5 different angles
2 stages of hair loss

 Bald Men Image Dataset

1055 photos
211 men
5 different angles
6 stages of hair loss

Caucasian KYC Photo Dataset

80,000+ photos
5,300+ caucasian people
28 countries

Black African People Video Dataset

15,000+ photos & video
7,500+ people
30 African countries

LLM Text Generation Dataset

4 millions+ logs
3 models
32 languages

People Detection Image Dataset

647 photos
1000-13,000 people in a crowd
Keypoint detection

Spine MRI Image Dicom Dataset

20 000+ spine studies
Doctors’ reports
Anomaly segmentation

Brain MRI Image Dicom Dataset

100 000+ brain studies
Doctors’ reports
Anomaly segmentation

Synthetic Data Collection

Document photo generation
10,000 photos in two weeks

Object Tracking Annotation

Detection of objects in video
10,000 frames in 2 weeks
For AR and video analytics

Face Masks Photo Detection Dataset

300,000+ selfies,
4 type of medical masks photos
75,000+ people

Botox Before/After Image Collection

Collection of people photos before and after Botox injections
2000 photos in 3 weeks

Makeup Before/After Image Collection

Collection of people photos with and without makeup
2000 photos in 3 weeks

Safety Helmet Image Annotation

1000 photos in 5 weeks
Bounding Box labeling

Agriculture Image Annotation

Plantation photos labeling
Keypoints, semantic and instant segmentation

Anti-Spoofing Real Video Dataset

98,000+ files
50,000+ people
1 selfie and 1 video of each person

Anti-Spoofing Replay Dataset Anti-Spoofing Replay Dataset
Anti-Spoofing Replay Attack Dataset

30,000+ videos
ISO 30107-3 Presentation Attack
FIDO – Displayed videos on mobile devices, Level B

Phone and Webcam Video Dataset

30,000+ media files
3,500+ people
4 selfies & 4 videos in each set

Personal ID KYC Image Dataset

95,000+ files
6,000+ people
13 selfies & 2 ID photos in each set

Low Quality Video Collection

Video of people on low resolution webcams
For KYC and liveness detection

Full HD Video Collection

Videos of people on high resolution webcams
For KYC and liveness detection

Keypoints Image Annotation

Keypoints-labeling of faces
1500 photos in 2 weeks

Pose Estimation Photo Labeling

Keypoints-labeling of the main body nodes
2000 photos in 2 weeks

Anti-Spoofing Print Attack Dataset

4,700+ videos
ISO 30107-3 for Presentation Attack
FIDO – Paper printout of face image, Level A

Car License Plates OCR Image Dataset

1.2 million+ photos of license plates
33 countries
11 parameters for the data
Segmentation & OCR for each license plate

People Segmentation Image Dataset

6,700+ photos of people in the underwear
Segmentation mask for each image
7 classes of data labelling

Dancing People Image Annotation

Collection of videos with dancing people
Binary segmentation
2500 photos in 2 weeks

Clothes Images Segmentation

People photos
Segmentation of clothing items

Web Scraping Data Collection

20+ Marketplaces
10+ languages
150,000 cards of goods in 15 days

Water Meters Image Annotation

1,200+ photos
OCR labeling and semantic segmentation of water meters

Human Matting Image Annotation

Collection of people photos
Binary segmentation
3,500 photos in 4 weeks

Cars Image Segmentation

Collection of car photos
Semantic segmentation
5000 photos in 4 weeks

Food Image Segmentation

Collection of food photos
Semantic segmentation
2500 photos in 4 weeks

iBeta Level 2 Video Attacks Dataset

33,000+ videos
5 types of attacks
Developed according to iBeta lab requirements
«Presentation Attack Detection» Level 2

iBeta Level 1 Video Attacks Dataset

28,300+ videos
7 types of attacks
Developed according to iBeta lab requirements
«Presentation Attack Detection» Level 1

Outdoor Garbage Collection

Classification of garbage cans by their capacity
5000 photos in 4 weeks

Skin Problems Image Collection

1000+ photos
400+ people
3 types of skin problems

Chest X-Ray Image Dicom Dataset

150 medical studies
443 files
13 diseases/conditions

Face Recognition Image Collection

7,300+ photos
1 selfie & 26 photos in each set

OCR KYC Image Annotation

OCR and Bounding Box labeling for MRZ-zone
10,000 photos in 2 weeks

OCR Racing Number Annotation

15,000 photos in 2 weeks
OCR & Bounding Box labeling

Roads Image Segmentation

Labeling of photos and videos from DVRs
Semantic segmentation
2500 photos in 4 weeks

Cows Detection Image Annotation

Cows detection in farm photos
3000 photos in 4 weeks

OCR Receipts Image Annotation

Receipts photos collection
OCR and Bounding Box labeling
3000 photos in 4 weeks

Face Image Segmentation

Collection of faces photos
Semantic Segmentation
2000 photos in 4 weeks

Female Breast Segmentation

Female breast segmentation
5000 photos in 2 weeks

Cars 360 Video Collection

Car video collection
Classification by presence of damage

Spam Messages Collection

Text data
SMS and E-mail in different languages

Facial Hair Image Annotation

Collection of people photos with beard/mustache
2000 photos in 3 weeks

Parking Spaces Image Annotation

Parking photos collection
Bounding Box labeling
3500 photos in 4 weeks

OCR Train Railway Annotation

OCR and Bounding Box labeling
3000 photos in 3 weeks

Legs Images Segmentation

Legs photos collection
Semantic Segmentation
5000 photos in 2 weeks

Body Measurements Image Collection

15 photos and 14 body measurements
1000 sets in 20 weeks

Pigs Detection Image Annotation

Pigs detection in farm photos
80,000 photos in 2 weeks


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